One crisis, one problem, one Europe – one solution?

About the project

More than half of all young people seeking employment cannot find decent work in many countries in the South of the Union, a trend that hasn’t been turned around despite considerable political effort, and that is shifting to the East and North. Research only slowly begins to capture the enormous impact of the difficulties an entire generation experiences during their transition from education to employment. Opinion polls and election results clearly show how dangerous the development is: As youth unemployment turns from a skills gap issue into a problem for every young person, including those with university degrees, the support for the European Union wavers, the votes for Eurosceptics rise, and an entire generation’s belief in the value and relevance of the European idea begins to crumble.

Against this backdrop, we want to pick up the debates that are happening across the continent, across the political spectrum, and across generations. What impact does the EU crisis have on the lives of young Europeans? Why is the media discourse so lopsided? Why is the news coverage so uncritical? Why is a Union as wealthy as ours not able to provide it’s young people with a prospect of employment?

We investigate, question and report the crisis, its causes and effects, the responses and failures, the underlying reasons and growing resentments. We document its impact, capture different arguments and portray the key players in a captivating multimedia dossier. Therefore, small teams with young media-makers from Spain and Germany work under the guidance and with the support of media professionals to conceptualise, investigate and report the crisis in a variety of print, video and online formats.

The first part of “Generation Crisis” successfully took place in Berlin in November 2014 and the second part in Brussels in April 2016. Click here to view the online multimedia dossier. Generation Crisis has been nominated for the Europe Prize “Blauer Bär” of the Berlin Senate for promoting European integration in times of growing populism.

Partners & Organisations

‘Generation Crisis’ is a project series of the Berlin based think-tank Demokratie & Dialog in collaboration with the Association of Human Rights Educators AHEAD from Barcelona. Demokratie & Dialog runs the leading portal on youth policy at It is an organisation that generates and consolidates knowledge and information on youth policies across the policy cycle, ranging from analysis and policy formulation to implementation and evaluation. AHEAD is one of the most experienced organisations in the Spanish youth sector.‘Generation Crisis’ is generously hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Brussels and funded by the German Representation of the European Commission. The project is supported by the German association of young media makers Jugendpresse Deutschland and Canon Deutschland.


In 2014 and 2015, Generation Crisis was generously supported by Erasmus+ Youth in Action, kindly hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation’s Forum für Politik und Gesellschaft, and organised in cooperation with Friends of Spain.



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